ICE Corporation: A Tradition of Excellence

ICE Corporation is a proven leader in High-Reliability circuit desgin and manufacture. In 1975, ICE began by securing our first patent for the Cessna Aircraft Company and began manufacturing state-of-the-art de-icing timers. By 1979, we had dozens of controls flying with almost every major aircraft manufacturer. Throughout the 1980's, ICE designed and certified the first microcontroller-based propeller Deice timer, offering ARINC communication and BIT default detection, along with intelligent default operation and the recording and storing of anomalies. Throughout the last 30 years, ICE continued to refine our engineering and manufacturing processes and expand beyond aviation design. Many companies sought out expertise and soon along with our core aviation business, ICE designs, tests, and manufactures high-reliability circuitry for a wide varies of industires:

  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Agricultural

ICE Corporation Today

Today, ICE continues to be a world leader in engineering, designing, testing, and manufacturing circuits that need to perform. Our products can be found on the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner, US101 Presidential Helecopter, high-end business jets and rugged transport aircraft. Some of the new technologies ICE is looking to implement include:

  • Electrothermal Wing Ice Protection
  • Advanced Field Orientated Control Research
  • Fiber Optic Ice Detection
  • Model-based Design
  • HALT, EMI, ESS, and Flying-Probe Testing

Dedication To Quality

What makes ICE special is our dedication to quality in all steps of the design and manufacturing process. ICE is an AS9100 and ISO 9001-2000 registered company as well as certified to DO-178B for airborn software design at all levels. Our quality system is continuously audit by our major customs, including Meggitt, AgustaWestland, NAVAIR, Raytheon/Hawker Beechcraft E-Systems, Parker-Hannifin, Cessna, UTC's Hamilton-Sunstrand Division, Sikorsky, and many others. Modernization is an ongoing process at ICE. Recent additions of a Trident PCB defluxing system, ESD flooring, automatic screen-printing machinery, and an 8-zone (Top and Bottom) reflow oven ensures your products meet the newest standards for quality and reliability. Our in-house trainers for both J-Std-001 and IPC-610A train and monitor all steps of the production process and supervise employee training and certification.

ICE's State-of-the-Art Test Lab