SireMaster Service Bulletins

Please check back regularily for service bulletins that will help you keep your SireMaster Original&trade and SireMaster Professional&trade in good condition and ready to perform when you need it.

January 26, 2012 SireMaster Pro Manual Download
June 11, 2010 SireMaster Instructional Video Download
June 1, 2010 Battery Care Reminder Download


Additional Resources

These following articles provide additional information a vertinarian or owner may fiind useful in regards to bull breeding or electronic ejaculation equipment use.

June 16, 2010 Bull Breeding Soundess Exam, LSU Link
June 15, 2010 Breeding Soundness Exam, Beef Magazine Link

SireMaster Parts and Accessories Price List

ICE offers full service, support, replacement parts, and accessories for the SireMaster line of electronic bull stimulators.

Item Description Price
SireMaster Professional Ready to use with 2.5" diameter light-weight probe, two 15' probe cords, 6' recharging cord, carrying case, and complete assortment of semen collection accessories. $1,539.00
SireMaster Original The SireMaster Original with all items listed above. $1,345.00
SireMaster SlideWarmer Preset to 37° C (99° F) $300.00
SireMaster Rectal Probe 2.5" Diameter Light-Weight Probe $175.00
SireMaster OEM Rectal Probe 2.5" Diameter Light-Weight Probe $250.00
15' Probe Cord For SireMaster PRO or SireMaster Original $35.00
6' Recharging Cord For SireMaster PRO or SireMaster Original $17.00
Semen Collection Kit 50 Disposable director cones and 50 10ml disposable collection vials $30.00
Semen Collection Handle Light-weight and durable $17.00
Replacement Batteries Two Lead-Acid Replacement Batteries for SireMaster PRO or SireMaster Original $80.00
Carrying Case SireMaster Carrying Case $54.00
Semen Strain 1/2oz Bottle $20.00
Scrotal Tape SireMaster&trade 70cm Scrotal Measuring Tape $20.00

Shipping Charges on Purchases: All items will be shipped F.O.B. by UPS ground service unless otherwise requested in the continental U.S. Please contact us for information regarding international shipping.

Payment Terms:Visa, MasterCard, COD, Cash, or mail-in personal check for individual doctors or clinics on first time orders. Shippment after receipt of check for cash on mail-in payment.
Purchase order and Net/30 for institutions.
Credit with payment of Net/10.